Taco Truck Tuesday: The Funky Taco



So if you happen to be in Boise, Idaho and are craving tacos, The Funky Taco Truck will be at the Treefort Music Festival from March 22-26.

The Funky Taco specializes in eclectic tacos. They also have vegetarian and vegan options. The Funky Taco buys fresh ingredients from local farmers to complete their menu.

If you buy tacos from The Funky Taco, you will be supporting small businesses and local farmers. It’s a win-win-win situation.

I highly recommend checking out the bands at the Treefort Music Fest. Angel Olsen, The Dig, Emma Ruth Rundle are among the acts performing. It sounds like a really excellent event.

The Funky Taco Twitter

The Funky Taco

Treefort Music Fest


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The Cockleshell Review: Lucius




Lucius. An Indie pop group from Brooklyn. I think they have more soul than a lot of Indie groups. Lucius has two lead singers, who are freaking spectacular.

Also, my new friend goals are #1. Get a friend. #2. Buy matching capes. #3. Go see Lucius in concert wearing matching capes.


Their last album, Good Grief, was released in the fall of 2016. Please listen to it! Then call me so we can talk about how awesome it is! I am so in love with Lucius.



Would I spend money on their band merch?

I would spend all of my money on their albums, t-shirts, capes – whatever they sell. I want all of it. Who cares about going into debt. Not me. My Lucius loot will keep me warm at night.

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Taco Truck Tuesday: El Gondo, San Francisco


San Francisco may have a lot of great sites but they may not be close to having  taco trucks on every corner.   El Gondo is one of the taco trucks in the San Francisco area. They have an alien theme because the food is out of this world. El Gondo’s food truck says “Mexican food invasion.” It’s sounds like the best sort of invasion

There’s not time to visit today, but visit them on twitter to find out where they will be tomorrow.

! If I were a risk taker, I would buy a food truck and move to San Francisco. Someone could make a fortune feeding hungry Bay area citizens due to the small amount of food trucks.

Please support your local food truck! El Gondo sounds like a fun place to start.




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Throwback Thursday: Daddy Issues


“Can We Still Hang” is not a new album. It’s new to me and maybe to you. I would have loved Daddy Issues ten years ago.

Oh wait. Daddy Issues have only been together since 2014. I’ve had real daddy issues about 15 years longer than the band’s existence. Although, I enjoy their music, I love them for more than their ability to sing or play a guitar.

They remind me of being young and wanting to express every feeling. They remind me of friends that I had or wanted to have.  Most of my friends were really well-adjusted people. They didn’t have many issues at all. They were all naturals at being adults.

It’s fine. I just would’ve like one or two friends that were a hot mess like I was. Daddy Issues would have fit perfectly into my life.

The truth is that I would love them at any moment in history – even now when I’m a responsible adult.

Yes, Daddy Issues. We can still hang as soon as I get a sitter.

P.S.  You can pre-order their new album, Deep Dream at this link.

Happy Throwback Thursday!



Daddy Issues on Bandcamp


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Taco Truck Tuesday: DC Taco Truck

If Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing, I think it is their love for tacos. In Washington D.C., DC Taco Truck could be the place where people gather to discuss world peace over a taco.

Hey, everyone has a dream. World peace in front of a taco truck is mine.

So when you’re in Washington D.C., visit DC Taco Truck. The rumor is that there will be more green trucks in the D.C. area.

Check their Twitter account to see where they will be today.





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The Cockleshell Review: Tacocat


“Tacocat spelled backwards is Tacocat.” I don’t know why I wanted to write that. The sentence was calling to me from my Google search.


Tacocat is a post punk band from Seattle.


Their most recent album is “Lost Time.”


I was looking for tacos but I found this band instead. Now I’m dancing around the room when I should be typing this review.


Find them on Twitter : @TacocaTs



Would I spend money that I don’t have on their merch?

Yes. They had me at “Dana Katherine Skully.”

The truth is out there
But so are lies
To see the world through
Dana Katherine Scully’s eyes

“You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit” is so catchy. I think I want it to me my theme song. It’s more about a breakup than literally getting from a job. There are so many people that would like to breakup with their day job.

I think people will be able to relate to Tacocat. I mean, they like tacos. We like tacos. They like the Go-Gos. Our mom likes the Go-Gos. They may even sound a little bit like the Go-Gos but less bubbly.

I think we could totally hang out with this band and maybe get tacos.



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Feminist Friday: Janelle Monae

Janelle Mon'e

Fem the Future! 

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana



Today is Friday, which means that it is Feminist Friday – both on the internet and in my heart.

It would be amazing if there could be a post about music and feminism. This could be that post!

If you watched the Women’s March in January, then you probably caught a glimpse of Janelle Monae. Unfortunately, I was in a bar and couldn’t hear her speech. Even with the sound muted, I knew that she was saying something spectacular.

So I’m watching her speech again.

I encourage you to watch too. Just listening her stand up for what she believes in, makes me want to do more to stand up for what I believe in too.

On March 8, there is a women’s strike, “A Day Without a Woman.” I’m sharing a link that explains how to participate. There are ways to show your support in case you can’t go on strike. For example, you can wear red or shop at businesses owned by women.

NY Mag – How to Participate in A Day Without a Woman

This post is the first of hopefully many Feminist Friday posts.



Stereogum- video of Janelle Monae at Women’s March

Janelle Monae website


P.S. I don’t think watching Monae in “Hidden Figures” is on the list of activities for the strike but maybe it should be.


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On the Road, Detroit. Weekly Photo Challenge


Fate Favors the Fearless

The Road Taken. Weekly Photo Challenge

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Taco Truck Tuesday: The Tamale Spaceship


If nothing else, the Tamale Spaceship in Chicago must be interesting. They serve authentic Mexican food while wearing Mexican wrestling masks. In case you didn’t know, Mexican wrestling is also known as La Luche Libre.

They have excellent reviews. The Tamale Spaceship has also been voted Best Food Truck in Chicago by the Chicago reader three times.

My boyfriend would love this place. We’re definitely adding this place to the list.

To find out their location, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. According to their schedule, they will be at 600 W. Chicaco

Tamale Spaceship on Twitter

The Tamale Spaceship on Facebook

The Tamale Spaceship Food Truck


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People We Should Aspire to Be – Wolf Larsen


Besides being an incredible singer, Wolf Larsen is an amazing human being. She has health issues, which prevent her from touring but she still writes music, as well as a novel. The novel is set to be released soon under her real name, Sarah Ramey.

Larsen is still motivated to get out and make a difference in the world. When most of us have a cold, we don’t even want to get out of bed. Shame on us for not getting it together to make a difference in some way to someone . . . anyone.

If you want to support Larsen, buy something from her Bandcamp page. It will help her to keep writing novels and music. I’m sure that you won’t regret your purchase. Her music is beautiful beyond words.

Now go out there and do something!

  1. Buy Wolf Larsen’s music or merchandise.
  2. Get dressed.
  3. Find a local or national cause to support.
  4. Repeat again tomorrow.


Blindfold Magazine Interview with Wolf Larsen

Wolf Larsen on Bandcamp

Wolf Larsen Twitter

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