The Pizza Revolution. Evansville, Indiana




The Pizza Revolution has one of the coolest food trucks that I’ve seen so far. Their truck was once a double decker bus but now it has been converted into a food truck. The Pizza Revolution’s menu includes the spicy Buzz Kill’a, Big Bad Wolf, and Fig N Pig.

The downstairs is the kitchen. The upstairs has several tables for about 35 customers so it qualifies as a mobile restaurant, which is a genius idea.



Pizza Revolution on Twitter

The Pizza Revolution on Facebook

The Pizza Revolution on Instagram

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Oh My Kabob. Dallas, Texas.

Oh My Kabob is a relatively new food truck serving the Dallas, Texas area specializing in Mediterranean dishes. If you want a falafel, hummus or a chicken kabob, Oh My Kabob is the food truck for you.


The owner, Benita Faizy, is also an attorney. I think she should offer a few minutes of legal advice with every falafel order. I’m just kidding but she could probably do legal advice for the first customer of the day or something like that.

Oh My Kabob

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Wok N Roll Food Truck. Cleveland, Ohio


The owner’s of the Wok N Roll Food Truck, Tricia and Matt, met while working at KFC. She was a vegetarian. He would drop mashed potatoes on her feet. They’ve been together ever since.

After Tricia battled thyroid cancer, they decided to start a blog. Soon after, they bought their own food truck.

They serve Korean and Vietnamese food. I’m hoping to try the carmelized pork or the Bibimbap. Do you think they’ll hear my prayers of “Please be open on April 29. Please. Please. Please.” Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Wok N Roll Food Truck website

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Jurassic Pork BBQ. Baltimore, Maryland.

Jurassic Pork has to be one of the best names for a food truck that I’ve ever heard. They are based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their specialty is slow-smoked BBQ.



Honestly, I’m not sure what else is in Baltimore. However, I do know that my kids are obsessed with Jurassic Park so this would be the highlight our trip.

Jurassic Pork on Twitter

Jurassic Pork on Facebook

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The Mint Chip. Anchorage, Alaska.

The Mint Chip of Anchorage, Alaska offers handmade, organic ice cream. They make unique recipes, as well as offering the classics like chocolate.

Their website says that they make coffee with a scoop of wild lavender ice cream. It sounds like it could be the best coffee in the world.

It would be great if I could visit this truck over the summer. I think I have a long lost cousin in Alaska. Our grandpa used to make homemade ice cream. It wasn’t at fancy as The Mint Chip’s but it was good. Cousin Contrary and I  could catch up over some ice cream at The Mint Chip. I’m feeling nostalgic already.


Visit The Mint Chip on social media until you can get to Alaska.

The Mint Chip on Twitter

The Mint Chip

The Mint Chip on Facebook


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A to Z Challenge: Food Trucks across America

This is the first year that I’ve done the A to Z Challenge. After all, this blog hasn’t even been around for very long.

So my topic for the A to Z Challenge is going to be Food Trucks across America. I think that I’ll go alphabetically by city as well as the name of the food truck. For example,  the food truck of the day could be Annie’s Food Truck in Austin. It’s not a real food truck. Just an example.

The more that I write about food trucks, the more I want to go on a road trip. By the end of this challenge, all of my lunches around the country could be planned for a month.




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Taco Truck Tuesday: Blaxican Food Truck, Atlanta

I wish that I could drive to Atlanta so that I could make it in time for Taco Tuesday at The Blaxican Food Truck. They serve Mexican soul food.  The pictures of their food look worth the ten hour drive.

I’m so hungry. Somebody drive me to Atlanta! We could make it by next Taco Tuesday.

The Blaxican also donates their tip money to various charitable organizations in the Atlanta area. They also accept donations on their website. Dare I say, they put the soul in soul food? Sorry.  It’s the hunger talking.





The Blaxican

The Blaxican on Twitter

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Taco Truck Tuesday: The Funky Taco



So if you happen to be in Boise, Idaho and are craving tacos, The Funky Taco Truck will be at the Treefort Music Festival from March 22-26.

The Funky Taco specializes in eclectic tacos. They also have vegetarian and vegan options. The Funky Taco buys fresh ingredients from local farmers to complete their menu.

If you buy tacos from The Funky Taco, you will be supporting small businesses and local farmers. It’s a win-win-win situation.

I highly recommend checking out the bands at the Treefort Music Fest. Angel Olsen, The Dig, Emma Ruth Rundle are among the acts performing. It sounds like a really excellent event.

The Funky Taco Twitter

The Funky Taco

Treefort Music Fest


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The Cockleshell Review: Lucius




Lucius. An Indie pop group from Brooklyn. I think they have more soul than a lot of Indie groups. Lucius has two lead singers, who are freaking spectacular.

Also, my new friend goals are #1. Get a friend. #2. Buy matching capes. #3. Go see Lucius in concert wearing matching capes.


Their last album, Good Grief, was released in the fall of 2016. Please listen to it! Then call me so we can talk about how awesome it is! I am so in love with Lucius.


Would I spend money on their band merch?

I would spend all of my money on their albums, t-shirts, capes – whatever they sell. I want all of it. Who cares about going into debt. Not me. My Lucius loot will keep me warm at night.

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Taco Truck Tuesday: El Gondo, San Francisco


San Francisco may have a lot of great sites but they may not be close to having  taco trucks on every corner.   El Gondo is one of the taco trucks in the San Francisco area. They have an alien theme because the food is out of this world. El Gondo’s food truck says “Mexican food invasion.” It’s sounds like the best sort of invasion

There’s not time to visit today, but visit them on twitter to find out where they will be tomorrow.

! If I were a risk taker, I would buy a food truck and move to San Francisco. Someone could make a fortune feeding hungry Bay area citizens due to the small amount of food trucks.

Please support your local food truck! El Gondo sounds like a fun place to start.

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