Rainbow Peacock Graffiti


The more I look at it the more it looks less like a rainbow and more like  peacock or an eye. I don’t really know but it looks cool.

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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

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The Cockleshell Review: Dirty Dishes

Version 4


Some things are meant to be. I was sitting around procrastinating like every other Saturday. I should have been doing the dirty dishes but instead I was listening to the Dirty Dishes. Call it kismet or whatever. I was meant to listen to this band. Dirty dishes can wait – not the band, real dirty dishes that are still waiting in the sink.

My significant other thinks that I like some weird stuff. He also thinks that I better do the dishes. We don’t always agree on everything.

Anywhooooo . . . . the Dirty Dishes are not weird. They are perfectly perfect in a grungy, beautiful hazy sort of way. I like their energy. They don’t want to do dishes either. They curse and make music.

They have a 7″ record available on Bandcamp. I wish it were an entire album because it’s just not enough Dirty Dishes.

(Holy crap – I never thought I would say that . . . )

Dirty Dishes Bandcamp

Dirty Dishes website

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The Cockleshell Review: Desperate Journalist


Desperate Journalist is a post-punk band from London. What does post-punk mean? I admit that I had to Google it. I know what it is when I hear it but to define it with words is more difficult.

So post-punk means “denoting a style of rock music inspired by punk but less aggressive in performance and musically more experimental.” Maybe punk rockers get tired. It’s possible that punk rockers get bored because everything is boring. So they go in a different direction musically.

Once in awhile YouTube plays stuff that I like. This time it played “Resolution” by Desperate Journalist. They have a new album, “Grow Up,” coming out March 24.

I’ve listened to “Resolution” several times today. It’s entirely possible that I’ll listen the rest of their albums tomorrow. Their other albums are available on Spotify.

I enjoy post-punk. It’s alright if the former punk rockers are tired and bored. Who isn’t? Combat the boredom by listening to Desperate Journalist.




Desperate Journalist

Desperate Journalist Bandcamp

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Taco Truck Tuesday: El Charro, Detroit


EC-TRUCK-v4 (1)

I saw a sign that said, “Detroit is still here.” So if you happen to be in Detroit, you should try a puffy taco by El Charro.


This is their Valentine’s message on Twitter.

I love them. Can El Charro be my Valentine?


I’ve never had a puffy taco. It’s going on the to-do list immediately. If I had time, I would travel around the country to eat at taco trucks. Genius!

Hopefully, El Charro will be one of the top five that I visit.

They serve four locations in the Detroit area. El Charro is also available for catering. I’m not sure if they have Valentine’s Day specials but they have margaritas. Ok. They have pictures of delicious-looking margaritas that would make my Valentine’s Day special.  The point is that I would like to sample their margaritas any day of the week.

El Charro website.


El Charro on TwitterEl Charro on Twitter


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Flat Tire Review: Mary Sort of Goes to See the Dirty Heads



This review is not what you would expect. I probably shouldn’t even call it a review. It’s not what I expected to write. My friend, Sandy, went with me. Sandy also brought along her boyfriend, Jack.

It was supposed to be a fun evening. We were going to have dinner and then go see The Dirty Heads in concert. Jack is a huge fan of the Dirty Heads so I thought that it would be helpful if I didn’t get some inside joke.

Unfortunately, the joke was on me. I had forgotten that Sandy has some social anxiety and she is afraid of heights. It’s always a different experience to go anywhere with Sandy.

Her boyfriend bought balcony seats. She said no way to the seats. I think she may have broken into cold sweat when she saw how high the lower level went. He was going to sneak her into the main floor. Sandy also said no way. That darned Sandy is a rule-follower to the point of being annoying.

By the time that Jack found tickets to the main floor, Sandy was done with people. Maybe she stood in the crowd for too long. Some girl also flung her hair into Sandy’s face. It was too much for her I guess.

So Sandy and I found a couch and planted ourselves. Jack went to the main floor for a little while but he came back to hang out with Sandy. It was sweet of him, right?!

I was just happy to people watch. I think we saw three people being dragged out by security. The one guy was being dragged down the stairs. He seemed like a peach.

Anyway, the music was alright. It wasn’t my cup of tea but you can’t win them all.


P.S. We did see the lead singer of the Dirty Heads at dinner. We didn’t ask him for an autograph. Maybe Jack will get one next time.

He and Sandy are in the process of making a deal about her buying him some tickets for their next show. She’s still on the fence. Not literally -she’s probably afraid of pointy things or something. It’s like going on a date with Monk. I loved that show, which explains why I’m still friends with Sandy. She’s my own personal Monk.

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Resilient — Weekly Photo Challenge





Weekly Photo Challenge: resilient

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The Cockleshell Review: The Galactic Empire




Who: The Galactic Empire.

The band members are

Boba Sett – drums
Bass Commander – bass
Dark Vader – lead guitar
Shadow Ranger – guitar
Red Guard – guitar

No joking. They also dress in costume for concerts, which is fantastic.

What: It’s an instrumental  metal/rock version of the Star Wars soundtrack. Of course it’s instrumental, words would be weird.


The album is available on iTunes and from the Galactic Empire merch store.

Galactic Empire Merch

Would I spend money on this album?

I would buy this album for someone else, like a die-hard Star Wars fan or a heavy metal fan. My significant other seemed to like it quite a bit. After the first song, it all sort of sounded the same. The music was good but I got bored listening to it. I guess I like hearing lyrics and words and so on.

I’d rather have a t-shirt or a poster.

It’s probably better in concert with all of the costumes and theatrics. Maybe I’m feeling contrary today.

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Taco Truck Tuesday: Columbus Mobile Food Conference

Who knew that there were food truck conventions? My significant other did.

There is going to be the Columbus Mobile Food Conference and Expo in Columbus, Ohio on February 25-26, 2017. If you’re interested in starting a food truck or improving  your business, then this is perfect for you.

There will be classes on food safety, finances and conquering social media. I also saw a class for maintenance. It’s important to keep your food truck running and efficient when you’re feeding the masses.


Columbus will also be hosting the Columbus Food Truck Festival on August 18-19.

If you’re a food vendor, there’s still time to register to participate in both events. The Columbus Food Conference has a long list of who can attend. It’s pretty much anyone interested in food trucks – vendors, culinary students, bloggers, government officials, the media. The list probably includes you.

It sounds like Columbus, Ohio will be heaven on Earth for at least two weekends this year. Road trip anyone?

So many food trucks, so little time.



Columbus Food Truck Festival



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The Cockleshell Review: I See Stars


Who: The band is I See Stars. The album is “Treehouse.”

What: It’s rock and roll with a hint of techno. Some people might say it’s a bit Emo. There’s nothing wrong with that.


Why should you listen?

It’s catchy and the singer has a good voice. You can’t escape from catchiness sometimes.  I’ve been trying not to like it so much but I keep coming back to it. My favorite song on the album is “White Lies.”


You can find the album on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and the Sumerian Records merch store.


Would I spend money on this album?

Yes. I would definitely buy it for my daughter. Then I would borrow it to play in the car – for her sake, of course. I might hope that she forgets to take it with her so I can listen to it ten more times.



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Repurpose — Weekly Photo Challenge

A clothes pin and a coffee filter. Plus, a smiley face.

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